Wellbeing Workshops For Your School

I am grounded

Recommended for Early Stage 1 & Stage 1
This workshop includes a reading of the book My Bare Feet, experiential grounding and mindfulness exercises, foot massages from reflexology charts and an author Q&A. The students will finish the workshop with grounding techniques to help anchor and self-regulate in challenging moments.

What is grounding?
How can I use grounding to help me feel calm?
What strategies work for me?


Stop. Think. Go.

Recommended for primary school students.

This workshop uses improvisation techniques to role play difficult situations and helps the children brainstorm and work through ideas to regulate in the moment. Practise makes perfect and this improve style wellbeing practice is great way to practice tools to use in real life.


Be Kind To Your Mind

Recommended for High School Students.
This workshop explores what it means to think and feel well through a unique blend of theatre games, neutral mask work and improvisation.
How we feel inside reflects the world around us. Learning to listen and quiet our inner dialogue, noticing when our thoughts are unnecessarily negative, and exploring strategies for working through big feelings are lifelong skills that can set students up for successful, mentally healthy lives.

Guiding Questions
Am I my thoughts?

How do I guide my thoughts to support my happiness?
What are mindfulness and self-awareness?
What is being kind to my mind?
How do my thoughts affect my feelings?
Practical Strategies to apply in real-life settings.

Learning support
Mindful SOS videos
Be Kind To Your Mind Journal
Pocket reminder flashcards



We All Think Differently

We all think differently, see the world differently and experience the world differently. This workshop is a practical and engaging exploration of what it means to be smart and how intelligence looks different to everyone. This workshop supports students in thinking about their unique strengths and celebrating their differences.

This workshop supports Neurodiversity Celebration Week and culminates with an art project where students explore their intelligence and promotes acceptance, self-awareness and inclusion.



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